Slowfired M11/9 W/ Leupold Mark4 CQT  Scope along with my 3 FIRST Place Trophies and numerous 2nd and 3rd place ribbons.
My Custom Mauser More info HERE
Enforcer Pistol

Which as of a few days ago is now a registered SBR.
It really looks nice in a full stock doesn't it.
My Buddy's .50 Cal     Everybody has to shoot a .50 Cal once in there life.
2nd favorite gun to shoot, H&K 51 in 7.62x51, 10" Barrel, Full Auto.
Nice Flame from it, you could almost call it a flame thrower.
So far my Favorite firearm to shoot. AKS-74U (Krinkov) in 5.45x39.5 and yes it's full auto
My other little safe Queen
Of course I can't forget my other SBR to go along with my M1 Carbine
My newest build project that was finished recently, say hello to my AMD-65 Pistol