A short how to on purchasing Title II Weapons
Machine guns, Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles, Etc.

NOTE: I am not a Lawyer just a layman, PLEASE get in touch with a Dealer for all the latest information because I might have gotten something wrong.

This is a short tutorial on the transferability of Full Auto weapons to the general public. Hopefully this will help answer some of the questions from people that are becoming interested in the sport.

Machine Guns that were manufactured before May 19th 1986 are transferable to the general public after filling out a form 4. You have to get a signature on the form from the "CLEO" Chief law enforcement officer (Chief of police of the city you live in, or the Sheriff of the county you live in are the only 2 generally allowed in Wisconsin by state law). You will also have to send in a Passport Photo and Fingerprints along with a $200 payment for the tax. There is no special license you have to have which is one of the big misconceptions around. The $200 is a tax paid to the Dept. of the Treasury for each NFA (National Firearms Act) weapon that you have transferred to you. The forms and fingerprints and photos have to be sent in duplicate with ORIGINAL signatures on BOTH sets of forms. There are times when you might have to pay the $200 tax twice on the same firearm if it is getting shipped in from another state because it has to go through that transfer system twice, once from the private seller to the dealer and then from the dealer to the buyer. Then you sit around and Wait........ The Transfer can take 3,6,9 months to clear, but the times have been getting shorter recently.

Machine guns manufactured AFTER May 19th 1986 CANNOT be owned by the general public. They are for Government and Law Enforcement only.

Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles (SBR), Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS)and Any Other Weapons (AOW's) are legal for the general public to own and even build themselves with the proper paperwork. To purchase a Suppressor or SBR, etc. you have to do the same paperwork as you would if you bought a Machine gun, form 4's, photos, prints, CLEO signature. To build one you have to fill out a Form 1 with the same $200 tax payment and the prints, photo's, CLEO signature etc. And have it approved before you build whatever was listed on the form. As for the AOW'S it is cheaper to have a Class 2 manufacturer build it then get it transferred to you. The transfer tax you have to pay on an AOW is only $5.00 but all the same paperwork has to be done.

You can become a Class 2 Manufacturer SOT (Special Operational Taxpayer) that lets you build NFA Machine Guns for Research and Development & Transferable Suppressors, SBR's, SBS's & AOW's. But it is not meant to be a way around the laws. You have to get an 07Mfg. FFL (Federal Firearms License) for $150/3years, then pay the $500 A YEAR tax (for under $500,000 worth of business done in a year, $1000 if over that dollar level) to become a Class 2 manufacturer. You do have to operate as a business by doing transfers for others wanting Transferable NFA Weapons, Suppressors, AOW's, etc. If you have done that you can legally build NFA Weapons, Suppressors and AOW's. If you ever give up the Class 2 license you CANNOT keep the Machine Guns you have built. They will have to be Destroyed (converted back to a parts kit) or sold to another Class 2 manufacturer or law enforcement agencies on the appropriate forms. You can keep the Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns & AOW's that you have built.

I hope this helps some of the people that have asked us questions at some of the shoots. If you need any more detailed questions answered feel free to contact me.

Questions? E-mail me and I will try and answer them